Our Mission

Howefeelin was created after taking a deeper look at today’s hyperconnected world. With endless means of communication, we are presented with the illusion of being ‘connected’ to anyone, at any time. Ironically, this could not be further from the truth, as this illusion has made us more isolated than ever, physically and mentally.

 The ‘connected’ world we live in today is the driving force that separates us. The acknowledgment of individual life struggles and bouts with one's mental health are often brushed over in our society. The reality is, everyone possesses something they must carry through life, and we believe that our greatest struggles are just as important as our most fruitful triumphs. We embrace individuality and understand that our struggles are what mold us into who we are.

Wisdom is obtained through acknowledging the life lessons and experiences of others, and the sense of compassion required to do so is our greatest teacher; this is the ultimate expression of humanity.

Our mission is to acknowledge the desire to be heard that lies within all of us. Our platform empowers individuals to free themselves from the negative perceptions that surround their deepest struggles. We deliver opportunities to unlock the sense of freedom that is granted as a result of fully accepting and sharing your most vulnerable moments. Our goal is to humanize the so-called “mental health struggles” that we all face in an effort to promote self-care. We are the leaders in creating not a moment, but a movement fueled by transparency that empowers the younger generation to take a hold of reality on their terms, and molds them into the brightest leaders of our future.