Meet Our Team

 Scott Shaffer 

Meet Our Team

"What is inside of us that is so afraid that it keeps us from just enjoying life? This part of us is so busy making sure the next thing goes right, that we can't just be here now and live life."

"My name is Scott Shaffer, I'm 23 years old and I am from Reno, Nevada. The reason I wanted to begin this journey was because I had just overcome a large hurdle in my own life, specifically pertaining to my own mental wellness. We all have "something" in our past or present lives, and for each person it looks different externally. However, on the inside it does damage all the same, no matter what "it" is. I began exploring this through extensive conversations with my close friends, family, and other people as they came up. Through many moments of reflection and introspection, I realized how large of an impact taking this time to be present for others could make in terms of accepting and appreciating that "something" that we all have.

I wanted to start a company devoted to normalizing mental wellness that could bring this topic to the forefront of society. And I didn't want this topic to remain solely in the experts' hands. I wanted to give the power to all people as they confront their own battles day in and day out. As a society, we can normalize mental wellness and help one another. I am thrilled to start bringing our solutions to the world. Whether it's our unique podcasts, our brand, or our upcoming technology, we are determined to succeed in our mission.

 Parshawn Beheshtian 

”Maybe the whole point is to figure out how to help someone else.”

I have always displayed a level of dedication towards being of service to people from all walks of life. As I went through stuff in my life early on, I felt that it was always in my best interest to keep my thoughts, feelings, and emotions inside of me. I wondered why that was, and realized that it was not the way to do it. These things need to be expressed, and people need to be heard. In today's world, we see that the way that we experience social media has created a very toxic environment for many users. Hence why we made Howefeelin, where we show the true souls of our being living in the moment. Where we can see that we are not alone in dealing with anything that comes our way, because everyone has something. Howefeelin creates the space for these experiences to be shared to your peers and others that matter.

I have a desire to support others, and my interest in acknowledging mental wellness on both an individual and communal level was amplified even more-so following the recent passing of one of my closest friends as a result of his own personal struggle with the external forces of life. After an uphill battle, I realized that the constant thought of my friend was not meant to haunt, but rather to provide a light that would move me towards making the world a better place for those experiencing similar feelings. I realized that my friend has joined this journey with me, and since then it has been my mission to help develop a space where I could make being yourself “cool."

Miles Brown 

Founder image

"Express yourself unapologetically, in hopes that others will feel comfortable enough to do the same."

Acknowledging mental wellness as a fundamental aspect of life has been important in both my personal life and my relationships with others. I’ve always been the confidant for friends seeking advice and support, and I've continued to embrace this role. I live for the sense of hope that appears in others as they gain self-confidence and a sense of appreciation upon realizing that their story is worth hearing. These moments provide the most pure glimpse into the heart and soul of a person. It’s in the process of looking not at someone, but within them, that they found solace. And it’s in watching others find the strength to truly value themselves that I find happiness.

At Howefeelin, we understand that though we all have special stories that make us undeniably unique, we’re the same in that we love for these moments to be acknowledged by others. Through struggles and triumphs alike, we’re enduring moments in time that create the entire essence of our being. These are all valuable, and you have permission to own every twist and turn that's experienced along your journey. Sitting in the darkness rooted in hardship and struggle gives you the power to appreciate the duality of the human experience. This should be done just as effortlessly as expressing the beauties and pleasures of life, for they are equally as pure. I want to provide an atmosphere where people realize how important it is to embrace the opportunity to accept ownership of all moments. When you do that, you begin to create a new path for yourself.